Calls for Papers

SCRIPT invites paper proposals for two panels at the AAR/SBL Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, on November 21-24, 2020.

For one panel, SCRIPT invites proposals on "digital sacred texts." With the digital turn, texts are encountered in new material forms that impact the ways they are read, recited, and interacted with. Questions we hope to think about include: What is gained or lost when a text is used in digital formats, as compared to print culture? How is personal, ritual, or scholarly engagement with sacred texts impacted by the digital turn? Proposals on any aspect of digital sacred texts are welcome.

A second panel is open for papers that examine any aspect of iconic and performative texts in terms of their display as cultural artifacts, their ritual use in religious and political ceremonies, their performance by recitation and theater, their depiction in art, and/or display in museums.

Paper proposals are due March 11, 2020. Members of AAR or SBL should send their paper proposals through the conference websites of those societies. Non-members can send their proposals consisting of a title, abstract, and the presenter's academic affiliation directly to


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